Six tips for building lasting client relationships

What’s the secret to a successful business?

Developing and nurturing client relationships. 

In a recent interview, Mike Delamere, ShieldIQ’s CEO, shared his winning formula for building solid, lasting ties with his clients. 

  1. Seek understanding – “I listen to my clients to find out what’s important to them, who they are, and what keeps them up at night,” says Mike. You can’t be all things to all people, so you want to know what assistance each client will most appreciate. 
  1. Personal interests – Can you connect on a personal level? Do you share activities or hobbies? Mike finds mutual interests a great way to deepen a relationship. 
  1. Underpromise and overdeliver – “That doesn’t mean sinking to the lowest common denominator,” explains Mike. “But it does mean being realistic about scope and deliverables.”
  1. The devil is in the details – The soft touches are what separate the common from the exceptional. When you remember the details – like which brand of water your executive likes the best – you build trust. 
  1. Be transparent – Sometimes there are challenges or mistakes. Own up to them and explain how you’ll fix them.
  1. Maintain the relationship – Mike likes to meet face to face with his clients at least twice a year, usually for a meal. “By keeping up with them and seeing what they need, I can be their trusted advisor,” he says.

Long-standing relationships can lead to unexpected opportunities. Take the example of Brad Minnis, Juniper’s Vice President of Environment, Health Safety & Security. “I’ve been honored to work with Brad for years,” says Mike. “And in November 2021, our quotes were published in an article spotlighting him.” (This is the online article. Our quotes appeared in the print version.)

Here’s the full video. Watch carefully to find out why yellow M&Ms and watering the flowers may be the keys to success in the private security sector.

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