Save Assets, Save Lives with Risk Assessments

The best defense is a good offense. 

That’s equally as true in security as it is in football. And in our industry, a good offense begins with thorough risk and threat assessments. We brought in retired Police Chief Bill Cooper to explain what they are and why every business needs one.

Given his background, Cooper is uniquely qualified to speak to this topic. After serving as a police officer for 30 years, Cooper worked in corporate security management. During his ten years at Microsoft and T-mobile, he oversaw executive protection, workplace violence intervention, and security operation centers. He’s now president of The Cooper Management Institute.

In this interview, Cooper goes into detail, addressing clients’ most common questions:

  • What is an assessment?
  • What’s included in an assessment? 
  • Do you need an assessment?
  • What follows the assessment?

He also includes invaluable tips for organizations:

  • How to get your money’s worth on an assessment.
  • How to think from an attacker’s perspective.
  • How security officers saved Microsoft $18 million a year.

“When it comes to security,” Cooper says, “you shouldn’t be asking how much it costs to do it. You should be asking how much it will cost NOT to do it.”

Mike Delamere, ShieldIQ’s CEO, fully agrees. “Being proactive can save lives when you’re talking about proper planning on a safety level,” he explains.

Watch the full video here.

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