New GSOC (Global Security Operations Center) App Enhances Organizational Security

In today’s shifting environment, it’s more important than ever for company security to be agile, consistent, and reliable. GSOCs – global security operations centers – are the gold standard in real-time, responsive corporate safety. They’re high-tech intelligence centers where dedicated human operators gather intelligence, develop strategies, and deploy personnel. A GSOC becomes the security nerve center of the organization, enabling quick triage and response to any situation. 

At ShieldIQ, we work with our partners at NSSG Global in Bucharest, Romania, to provide our clients with custom GSOCs, tailored to their needs. We can create a unique solution, whether they’re looking for asset tracking, executive protection, travel advisories, site monitoring, or any other strategic or protective security operation.

Our clients choose from a full line of remote support services including 24/7 dedicated GSOC operators, integrated network video, alarm & access control systems, telephonic response & escalation, and protective intelligence analysts. It’s a holistic approach and execution to support field operations. 

To further enhance our GSOC service, we’ve rolled out an app called NSSG Support, available on Apple or Android. The app enables personnel in the field – both business travelers/principals and our agents supporting them – to:

  • Provide safety check-ins
  • Share pictures from your gallery
  • Snapshot pictures with your current location
  • Chat with our GSOC operators about any questions or issues
  • Provide an urgent SOS signal to our GSOC operators to escalate immediately and assist an individual 

The screenshot above is pulled directly from the app. “Send SOS” is located prominently at the top. The “Chat” box is directly below the SOS button, where a principal or agent can chat directly with the GSOC, providing updates or requesting assistance. With “Tracking” turned on, we can accurately pinpoint the individual’s location within 30ft and, in some cases, closer.

We have our agent resources located on a map that is run in the GSOC. Looking at the map, operators immediately know who the closest assets are for deployment in an emergency. The “Send SOS” signal goes to one dedicated device with a phone number, with email notifications possible for additional recipients.

Unlimited groupings can be set up for any number of individuals within an organization. Each grouping can have an email disseminated to the assigned representative from the company for any/all relevant activity desired. Should a company desire more regular reporting, the GSOC on the back end can administratively export chats, tracking info, and other collected data to share with our client.

Setting up a new user account is quick and easy. It typically takes about five (5) minutes for our GSOC managers to become operational. “We can collaborate with your company representative and scale quickly to meet higher volume needs,” notes Mike Delamere, ShieldIQ’s CEO. “Knowing where your staff is and getting them expedient, qualified assistance is of the utmost importance. We’re happy to schedule a demo to show your more about this tool.” 

The main theme here is the attention to detail, quality assurance, and custom/tailored approach ShieldIQ takes to ensure we reflect your brand reputation and integrity. Remaining agile to service your evolving needs, being responsive to your requests, and being consistent and reliable in our service delivery are hallmarks we strive for in each engagement. We are highly collaborative in our boutique offerings.

ShieldIQ is here to serve all your physical security needs, balancing privacy and confidentiality with safety and security. Please contact us to discuss your unique security needs. 

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